The card offers cashback on various category, allows cardholder to earn percentage of purchases back as a cash rewards.

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The card is also linked to vitality program, which promote healthy living and engage cardholder in healthy activity.

The card provide benefits like purchase protection, Travel insurance, extended warranty coverage.

Card also support contactless payment technology which is one of the quick and convenient transaction method for cardholders.

Discovery Credit card is accepted worldwide,  suitable for domestic as well as international  usage.

The company offer personalized interest rate for user based on their creditworthiness,  which provides competative rates.

Cardholder can easily manage their account online, which allows to  view transactions, make payment and other features.

Discovery card prioritize security and provide robust fraud protection against unauthorized transactions. 

The card allows balance transfer feature, where you can transfer  balance to other  credit card at lower interest rate.

Discovery provides  mobile app to manage account details, track rewards and access  other usefull features of card.

User can request supplementary credit cards for family  members and share the benefits and earn  rewards collectively.

24/7 customer support  is available for  cardholders for any  query, despite and other account related  matters.