How many Bitcoins are Left for Purchase? How to mine Bitcoin, History behind bitcoin, Buy and Sell Bitcoins, Risk Factors in Bitcoin Investment

Author - CoinFinanceMoney (Tushar Mistari)

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In 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bitcoin. It holds one of the largest market Caps in the Cryptocurrency world.

On 8th Jan 2009, First version of Bitcoin software were announced and Block 1 was mined on 9th Jan 2009.

Bitcoin is the Digital currency which act as a money, and not control by any entity, group or individual person.

Software and hardware combination required to mine bitcoin. Various high performance hardware and softwares are available in market.

You can also buy and sell bitcoin using any cryptocurrency exchange if you cannot afford expensive hardware and software.

Many Stores and Merchants accepts Bitcoin as a payment method, Few Ecommerce platforms are also accept bitcoin.

EI Salvador officially accepted Bitcoin in June 2021. Other countries are in process to legally approve Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Regularity, Security, Insurance, Fraud and Market Risks, such risk factors needs to be taken into consideration before investing in bitcoin.

Out of 1,92,14,106.25 bitcoins only 17,85,893.8 bitcoins left for mining as of 15-March-2023.