Download Capital One  Mobile App, Test 'GET' to  80101 to download the  or sign in using the  web URL

Author - Coinfinancemoney (Tushar Mistari)

Image Source - Google & Capital One

You can also link your  new credit card account  toan existing one, if you  already have a capital  One credit card

On web URL,  select  'Activate New Card' and  follow the steps  mentioned on the page

On the mobile app you  may be asked to tap  your credit card to the  phone for a quick and  easy activation process

You need to enter your  card details and security  code to activate your  credit card, once all the  details are verified

You will get pop up  window with 'Your  Venture Card is activated  and ready to use'  message

Another way to activate  your card is by navigating  to 'Profile' then click on 'Account & Feature  Settings'

Then go to 'Activate  a New Credit Card' and  you will be able to  activate on mobile app

On computer,  navigate  to ‘I Want to…” and click  on ‘Activate Card’ under Account Settings.

Enter your Credit card  security code and you  will be able to activate  your card and use it  for the purchases