Choose trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange like Uphold, Binance,  Pionex, ZenGo that accept credit card payment

Author - Coinfinancemoney (Tushar Mistari)

Image - Google & Canva

Once you selected the trusted crypto exchange platform, Create an account, Set secure password and Complete all necessary procedure.

Most platform required identity verification before making credit card transactions, this include submitting personal details & identification document.

Once the account gets verified, navigate to the payment setting and add your credit card in the payment method section, Enter all the required card details 

Be aware of the fees associated with buying Bitcoin using a credit card, credit card purchase generally has higher fees than other payment methods

You must have sufficient fund in your card to  purchase bitcoin, decide  how many bitcoin you  want to buy accordingly

Monitor the current Bitcoin exchange rate to get an  idea of the price you will  pay. These prices can fluctuate time to time.

Now you are ready to buy Bitcoin on exchange  platform, Review and  confirm your credit card payment before final  submit.

After completing the purchase, transfer your Bitcoin to a secure wallet  that you control, it is risky  to store bitcoin on an  exchange

Consider using a hardware wallet or a software wallet with strong security  features to store bitcoin. Keep track of bitcoin value

Buying and selling bitcoin  may have tax implications, depends on the country tax regulations where you are buying or selling bitcoin

Better to consult these tax obligations with a tax professional. To know more please visit our site