First decide how  much money you  can afford to spend  on a house consider  thedown payment  and closing cost  of the house.

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A good credit score is important when applying for a mortgage. Review the credit score and take step to improve it if required.

Get yourself pre-approved for the mortgage before hunting for house. This gives you idea about your purchasing power.

Hire the agent who can guide you to understand the area better, provide market insights and negotiate the best deal

Work with your agent to identify the properties that meet your requirement and visit open house, and compars different options.

Once you like a house, hire a professional home inspector for comprehensive assessment to identify potential issues.

Negotiate with the seller, negotiation involves counter offers, inspections contingenesis and other negotiations.

Finalise the offer and work with thr lender to complete mortgage process, submit required documents to secure the loan.

As lenders required insurance proofs before closing the investments, obtain homeowner insurance to protect it.

Before closing the deal take a final property walkthrough to ensure any repair or negotiated items have been addressed or not.

Attend all closing meeting and sign the necessary paper work, pay the amount and take the keys to your new house.