Virtual currencies are  more popular  nowadays, Safemoon  Crypto is one of them, Safemoon is now available  on some exchages.

Author - CoinFinanceMoney (T)ushar Mistari)

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Safemoon Crypto first launched on Build and  Build (BNB) chain in  arch 2021. Exchanges  like Binance & Pancakes  does have safemoon 

The motive behind the Safemoon Crypto is  to reward long term  holders. Safemoon is endorsed by some  celebrities.

Binance has played  major role in  development of  safemoon. Update  token launched in  December 2021.

We cannot buy  safemoon on Coinbase  or Binance exchange platforms. But using the above given steps you can buy safemoon

1. Download any wallet  from app & play store  and sign up to  wallet  2. secure the recovery  phase for any  device damage

Recovery phase is the  key that helps you to  recover wallet in case you  lost or damage device. One of the important  Step

3. Check if you have  enough ethereum to  cover fees. 4. Buy and transfer  Ethereum to your  wallet 

5. We can use these  ETH to buy safemoon  by swapping it, use Swap  icon in the asset tab. Follow this steps to  purchase safemoon.

Alternate way to buy Safemoon is to swap Decentralized  application available  on Build and build chain