Before closing capital One credit card you should gather all the details like account number, outstanding balance, & any pending transactions.

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To avoid any problems during account closing, confirm that you have paid all the credit card balance amount.

Either you can transfer the outstanding balance to another credit card or make final payment before closure.

To close the account you have contact to capital One customer care department, using the number provided on back of the card or their website.

Follow all the instructions provided by the representative over call and provide necessary information

Representative will guide you through the closure process, Make sure you confirm all the closure & other charges with the representative.

Monitor the credit report after account closed, this will affect your credit score if account is not properly closed.

To avoid any potential misuse of card, Securely depose your capital One credit card, ensure you destroy all the important information

If Automatic payment is set up with the capital one credit card then update the automatic payment info with other card.

After the few days of closure, log in or contact customer care to confirm the final account closure status

For the security measures monitor the account statement, credit report for any unexpected activity or any fraud attack.

If you required another credit card, research and compare the credit options, visit to explore more credit cards.