How to Use Credit Card? Credit card is different from debit card, it use to borrow money from company for  short periods of time.

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Credit card comes with the numerous benefits along with  the better payout methods  to purchase products.

It is one of the convenient way  for payment. If you use it in a correct way then you celebrate interest free credit.

Credit card company will pay  the product amount on  behalf of you, whenever you  purchase any product

You need to repay the  amount in a monthly  installment within selected  time duration. Lesser the time  Lesser the Interest.

You can enter your card  number, expiry date and CVV security code if you are purchasing goods on any  online store.

To make payment in offline  store you can opt for card payment, also can enable contactless feature to make payment without any details required.

You must read the Terms and Conditions of card, APR  details of card, Hidden  Charges before  applying for any card .

Credit card helps to improve  the credit score, if you use credit card in a proper way Credit score can be usefull in many factors.

If you don't pay credit card  Bill on or before the due date, then this might impact  your credit score in negation.

You should know all the fees charges by company like return payment, balance  transfer, annual, late payment, cash advance fees.