Interest Accumulation - If you don't pay loan interest regularly, that can cause increase in loan balance

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Late Payment - If you don't pay the loan EMI on time then companies can add late fees and penalties into your account which increase overall debt

How much principal amount you have borrowed initially can increase your total repayment amount 

Loan Extension - the loan duration may reduce monthly payments, but it can increase the overall cost due to extra interest

Loan Consolidation - if you combine more than one loan that can might extend the repayment period but also increase the total interest paid

Variable Interest Rates: Fluctuating interest rates (decided by central bank) can cause your balance to rise if rates increase

Deferred Interest: Some loans accrue interest during deferment or forbearance, adding to your balance

Fees and Charges: Loan companies also add Origination fees, service charges, and other fees contribute to the loan balance

Loan Capitalization: Unpaid interest may get added to your principal amount you have borrowed, which increases the total amount owed

Negative Amortization: With certain loans, if payments aren't enough to cover the interest, the unpaid interest gets added to the balance

Payment Allocation: If payments aren't properly allocated, interest might not be covered, causing the balance to grow