Cryptocurrency is a Virtual/Digital currency. cryptography is used  for security, transactions verification.

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Cryptocurrency is not  operate by any central  bank or government as  it is decentralized  system. Anyone can buy Cryptocurrency.

In 2009, the first  cryptocurrency, bitcoin  was created by unknown person or group  of people using Satoshi Nakamoto name.

Cryptocurrencies can be  stored in digital wallets,  which can be accessed  through any mobile device  or computer.

Cryptocurrency transactions  are recorded on public  ledger called as a  blockchain, Users present on network maintain it.

Various cryptocurrency  exchange are available  to buy and sell  cryptocurrency, crypto  exchange platform operated similar to stock exchange

Cryptocurrency is also  accept by some online  store as a payment method,  now few merchants also  accept crypto currency in there store

Specific process is to  mine cryptocurrency such  as bitcoin, that need to  solve complex mathematical equations using computer hardware.

Though cryptocurrency  offers many benefits,  but it's value is volatile and it fluctuates as per market

Many cryptocurrency  is available in the market like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin and so on