Borrowers get released from all the obligations, to repay the student loan who had taken federal student loan.

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Loan taken from private banks or companies are not eligible for student loan forgiveness

Around 4,25,000 Student loan borrowers debt are forgiven under president biden administration, Total 9.1 Billion amount paid.

President Joe Biden's student debt forgiveness plan is blocked by the US supreme court on the last day of the term.

By the end of the June, 2023 supreme court generally released most of its opinions.

To take any decision supreme Court is bound by any rules, the court is recess from Late June until first Monday of October.

On 28,Feb Many oral arguments heard by the court in the cases challenging President Joe Biden's federal student loan forgiveness program.

Around $20,000 erased by the program for federal student loans for millions of borrowers across the country.

Students are eligible for loan discharge which is formally known as a ‘borrower defense to loan repayment’ forgiveness.