Petal 2 “Cash Back, No Fees” Visa Credit Card Review




Petal 2 “Cash Back, No Fees” Visa Credit card is one of the best no annual fee credit card issued by WebBank, If you are focused on building credit then this Petal 2 Visa Credit card is for you. This card has a few features those are enough to stand out among the other cards falls toward with limited and no credit histories even though its peak are few.

The issuer rewards positive credit behaviors with elevated cash back earning and cardholders can earn a cash back rate on eligible purchases. Rewards structure of Petal 2 visa credit card might be little complicated, also there are other card options for some credit beginners with welcome bonuses. Still, Petal 2 visa credit card is one of the best card option for the people with no credit history.


Petal 2 Visa Credit Card

★★★☆☆ 3.2
Recommended Credit Score
720-850 (Fair – Excellent)
Regular APR
18.24% – 32.24% (Variable)
Annual Fee
Foreign Transaction Fee
Rewards Earning Rate
For your 12 continuous on time payment, you will get 1% reward on eligible purchases or upto 1.5% cash back on eligible purchase. For some selected merchants, 2% to 10% cash back you will receive.
Credit Building Features

  • Reports activity to all three major credit bureaus
  • Offers potentially high credit limits
  • Tracks your credit score and manages money through mobile app
Other Cardholder Perks

  • No returned payment fee, late fee or foreign transaction fee
  • Travel benefits like roadside dispatch and auto rental collision insurance


Petal 2 pros and cons

Petal 2 pros

  • This card does not need a credit score to qualify, that is the reason this card is easily accessible to people building credit.

  • It has no annual fee, late payment fees, foreign transaction fees or returned payment fees.

  • The Petal 2 earns rewards, unlike most other credit-building cards.

Petal 2 cons

  • The Petal 2 “Cash Back, No Fees” Visa Credit Card does not offer balance transfer, so cardholder who wants to build their credit and also manage their debt won’t get as much use from this card.

  • For new cardholders, rewards structure is bit complicated as it is based on on time monthly payments.

How the Petal 2 Credit Card Works

1% cash back can be earn on eligible purchase with the petal 2 visa credit card but if you make continuous on time payment then you are eligible to earn even more cash back which is upto 1.25% after 6 on time payment or upto 1.5% cash back after 12 on time monthly payments. Time to time, cardholders also earn Bonus Cash Back Points on qualifying purchases at an undisclosed higher cash back rate or alternative type of reward.

There are also opportunities to earn 2 to 10 percent cash back on specific merchants with the Petal Offers program. Share your location on the Petal Card application and you’ll see nearby local businesses with higher cash back offers. Merchant offers are automatically loaded into the Petal account, so if you spend at a selected merchant, you’ll automatically be eligible for higher cash back offers when available.

With every Petal 2 credit card purchase, 1 percent of what you spend is automatically credited to your cash back wallet in the following billing cycle. You can redeem the cash back points in your cash back wallet as statement credits up to the current balance. You can call the issuer to request a transfer to a bank account or send a check, if you have more than $20 available to redeem.

There is no limit to the amount of cash back points you earn.

In addition, with the Leap program, you can increase your line of credit if you pay off at least 15% of your monthly statement or your minimum balance whichever is greater on time for six months. With a higher credit line, you can reduce your credit utilization which helps build your credit score.

Why you want a Petal 2 Visa Credit Card

The Petal 2 card can be an excellent alternative to traditional secured credit-building cards if you want to create credit without any credit (or if you’re not eligible) and prefer not to deposit. Like most secured cards, you don’t need a previous credit history to qualify for Petal 2.

while selecting the right credit-building card for you, consider all these benefits.

Reward Rate: Versatile Ways to Earn Cash Back

If you want a card that offers multiple ways to earn rewards. While the price rate may be on the lower end than other cash back cards, your cash back isn’t limited to specific rewards categories. So you can earn instantly on all eligible purchases purchased with this card. This includes spending on restaurants, gas, local transit, groceries, among other items.

Additionally, the card rewards steady and consistent payouts with its cash back tier but even without tiers, you can earn up to 10 percent off with select merchants through their Petal offer program. With no limit to how much you can earn, you can easily collect and redeem a significant amount of rewards.

Rates and fees: Low-end APR and $0 annual fee payments can help

The “no-fee” Paytel 2 credit card has no foreign transaction fees, annual fees, returned payment fees or late fees and the lower end of the card’s APR of 18.24% – 32.24% (variable) is below the current average interest rate. No fees and potentially low APRs can be important factors as you work towards building a healthy credit score.

However, you can’t make a balance transfer or cash advance at this time and its broad APR range, which is determined by your creditworthiness, means you may see interest rates above average.

Credit-building features: Track progress and the ability to increase credit line

The Petal 2 card reports activity to all three major credit bureaus. If you pay on time, you can build your credit and increase your cash back rewards stockpile. You can also use Petal’s mobile app to manage your money and get a free credit score to track your progress. Plus with the help of Leap program, you have the chance to improve your credit limit with consistent on-time payments.

Credit limits range from $300 to $10,000, which is good news for credit builders. The higher your credit limit the more room you’ll have to keep your credit utilization low and balance on the card when making purchases. Keeping your credit utilization low can increase your credit score over time. Just keep in mind that your potential credit limit with this card is based on your creditworthiness and higher limits are not guaranteed.

How to Maximize Your Rewards

Since there are no annual fees or monthly maintenance fees, you can get the most value from the Petal 2 Visa card by using it for all your daily purchases. By doing this, you can earn up to 1.5% cash back on every purchase.

To show you how your rewards can add up, let’s look at a specific person’s spending. The average family spent the following amount in 2023:

  • Food for home: $5,259

  • Clothing and accessories: $1,754

  • Entertainment: $3,568

  • Dining out: $3,030

  • Fuel: $2,148

  • Personal care products: $771

This is equivalent to total of $16,530 per year. If you were eligible for a 1.5% cash back rate and used your card to pay for that amount, you would earn $248 in cash-back rewards.

Petal 2 Visa Card’s Outstanding Benefits

For starter credit cards, the Petal 2 Visa card has two excellent benefits:

Auto-rental damage collision waiver: If you use your card to pay for your car rental and decline the rental company’s coverage, you’ll receive complimentary secondary auto rental insurance (i.e., coverage that kicks in to cover insurance on your vehicle won’t cover for the rental car).

Roadside remittance: If you get a flat tire or need to jump for your battery, the Petal Visa Card gives you access to emergency roadside remittances. You can call 1-800-847-2869 to get help 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You must pay for any services provided, but there are no annual fees, and you do not need to pre-enroll in the program.

Standard Benefits

  • Emergency card replacement

  • Zero liability protection

  • Emergency cash advance

Cardholder Experience

Unlike national card issuers like Chase or Discover, Petal is a recent entrant in the credit card market, with its Petal 2 Visa cards being launched in October 2018.

However, Petal has a comprehensive FAQ and help center on its website to help you find answers to your questions about managing your account and credit cards in general. If you need additional assistance, you can email customer service at or call 1-855-697-3825.

Petal’s customer service team is available Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET.

Safety Features

The Petal 2 card has basic security features, those are standard for most of credit cards. These include benefits such as zero-liability protection and fraud alerts.

Why You Want a Different Cash Back Card

While Petal 2 can be a great option for those with proper credits who want to boost their score, be aware of its drawbacks before applying.

Welcome offer: Other cards offer both rewards and sign-up bonuses

While this card offers a flexible rewards structure, it is missing one key feature: a sign-up bonus. For that, you might want to consider the Discover It® Secured credit card which not only offers cash back but also automatically matches the total cash back rewards earned at the end of your first year. A matching rewards program for the first year can help ease some of the financial burden, especially for those who are just getting started with limited or no credit history.

Petal 2 Visa Credit Card vs Discover it Secured Credit Card

If you want a cash back credit card to build credit then consider the Discover It® Secured credit card, which earns a higher rate of cash back at restaurants and gas stations on a set amount of purchases combined each quarter and an unlimited 1 percent cash back on all other purchases. Like the Petal 2, the Discover It® Secured credit card has no annual fees or foreign transaction fees. Also, any cash back rewards you earn during the first year will be automatically matched at the end of your first year.

Unlike Petal 2, this card is secured, so you’ll need to make a refundable security deposit that doubles as your credit limit.

Petal 2 Visa Credit Card vs Capital One QuicksilverOne Credit Card

The Capital One QuickSilverOne Cash Rewards credit card is another option for those who want to improve their credit and earn cash back. Like the QuickSilverOne, Petal 2 Visa credit card cardholders earn a respectable rewards rate of 1.5 percent cash back. However, unlike the Petal 2 card, cardholders must pay a $39 annual fee and face stricter credit requirements, as Capital One recommends a 580 to 740 FICO credit score to apply. Despite the annual fee, QuicksilverOne is considered a more accessible credit-building option than many secured credit cards, as it doesn’t require a security deposit.

Similar to Petal 2, cardholders are automatically considered for credit line increases in six months with timely payments, potentially making it easier to keep credit utilization low.

Best cards to pair with Petal 2 Visa Credit Card

Remember that applying for other cards at the same time you’re working on your credit may not be a good idea, as applying for too many cards at once can temporarily damage your credit score. It may be better to use the Petal 2 card to build a credit score first, then look into additional options.

As your credit improves with days, you can start looking at cards which needs good credit, including travel rewards credit cards and cash back cards that offer better cash back rates.

Who is the Petal 2 Visa Credit Card right for?

Person with limited or no credit history

For those who have a limited credit history or none at all, the Petal 2 visa can be a great option to help build a strong credit score. Since you don’t need a score or safe deposit to be eligible to receive this card, Petal 2 is easily accessible, and its credit-builder features and app make it easy to track and improve your credit score.

Petal 2 Visa Credit card for Students

This card is attractive to anyone just starting out, especially for students who have no credit history and are just starting their financial journey. As long as they pay on time, students will enjoy earning cash back on purchases while building a solid foundation for their credit. Students who are studying abroad can also avail the card’s No Foreign Transaction Fee.

While other student credit cards may offer better rewards and welcome offers, the Petal 2 Visa is still worth considering, especially with its no fees and potentially high credit limits.

Is the Petal 2 Visa Credit Card worth it?

Many credit-building cards don’t have a rewards structure. On the other hand, Petal 2 lets you earn cash back and rewards you with a higher cash back rate for making timely payments (which can be a good incentive to build up your credit).

Students may have better options with student credit-building cards and those with bad credit may find secured credit cards more effective. Depending on the cash back reward structure that works best for you, you should also look into other cash back rewards cards, although cards with better cash back rewards usually have higher fees and require a good to excellent FICO score.


Is the Petal 2 credit card good with people with bad credit

Petal 2 is not ideal for those with damaged credits. It’s best for those with limited or no credit history. If your credit is damaged, consider other cards made for bad credit, such as secured credit cards.

What is the difference between Petal 1 and Petal 2 cards

The Petel 1 “No Annual Fee” Visa® credit card charges late payments and returns payment fees, while the Petel® 2 card does not. Also, Petal 2 cardholders can enjoy more significant rewards.

What is the credit limit for the Petal 2 Visa credit card

Your Pettle 2 credit limit will vary depending on your credit score. This can range from $300 to $10,000, a large range of potential credit limits you’ll typically find on unsecured cards designed for people with limited credit histories.

Can a cardholder increase 2 credit limits?

You may be offered a credit limit increase if you qualify, but you will not be able to request a credit limit increase yourself. If you’re hoping to increase your credit limit, managing your card and spending responsibly over time will go a long way.

Do you need to complete a credit check for a Petal 2 Visa credit card application?

Like almost all credit cards, applying for a Petal 2 credit card requires a tough credit check. A hard credit check temporarily lowers your credit score and stays on your credit report for two years.

If you want to get a sense of your acceptance odds for different cards before you face a tough pull, check out which cards you pre-qualify for with Bankrate’s CardMatch™ tool, which doesn’t affect your credit. You can also check if you’re pre-approved for a Paytel card without any credit checks on Petal’s website, but Pre-approval doesn’t guarantee account approval. A full application with a hard pull is still required.

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