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Capital One has launched many credit card products, In this Article we will discuss Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card Review ,  How to Apply for Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card? Pros & Cons of Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card? Benefits of Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card? Is Capital One Venture Rewards Card a Good Credit Card?and so on

A comprehensive flat-rate travel card offering significant rewards and straightforward redemption.

The Capital One Venture card offers remarkable and uncomplicated rewards, accompanied by adaptable travel redemption possibilities that adequately offset its $95 annual fee. You have the opportunity to earn 2 Miles per dollar on all purchases, daily, as well as 5 Miles per dollar on hotel and rental car reservations made through Capital One Travel. Moreover, benefit from a single-time bonus of 75,000 miles when you spend $4,000 on purchases within the first 3 months after opening the account, which is equal to a value of $750 for travel.

Annual Fees


Regular APR

20.99% – 28.99% variable

Reward Rate

Receive 2 Miles per dollar spent on your everyday purchases. Gain a bonus of 5 Miles for each dollar used for booking hotels and rental cars through Capital One Travel. Additionally, earn twice the miles on all your other daily purchases.

Balance Transfer Fee

A charge of 3% will be imposed on the amount of each balance transfer that is processed under a promotional APR that we might offer. There will be no charge for transfers of balances made at the Transfer APR.

Credit Required

Good to Excellent (670 to 850)

Current Offer

Obtain a sole bonus of 75,000 miles once you spend $4,000 on purchases during the initial 3 months from when your account is opened. This bonus is equal to a travel value of $750.

Pros of Capital One Venture Rewards Card

  • High rewards rate with no cap on earnings

  • Flexible redemption options

  • Generous one-time offer

Cons of Capital One Venture Rewards Card

  • $95 annual fee

  • Limited transfer partners

  • Poor cash-back redemption rate

Pros Explained

  • A Single High Rewards Rate With No Cap on Earnings: This card earns 2 Miles per dollar on every purchase, every day. Moreover, it grants 5 Miles per dollar on reservations made for hotels and rental cars through Capital One Travel. While certain other cards in this category might offer a similar rewards rate, only a limited number, if any, offer such significant rewards for all types of purchases without imposing any earning limits. Conversely, most competitors confine such higher rewards to specific spending categories, occasionally introducing annual or quarterly limits on earnings.

  • Generous One-Time Offer: Encounter an exclusive bonus of 75,000 miles by making purchases totaling $4,000 during the initial three months from when your account is opened, amounting to a travel value of $750.

  • Flexible Redemption Option: Using this card, you possess the capability to make purchases associated with travel from any vendor, and subsequently, receive reimbursement from your rewards account at a rate of 1 cent per mile. Eligibility is based on the specific merchant, and transactions that are typically qualified for reimbursement cover costs such as airfare, rail, taxi, and bus fares, along with limousines and ride-sharing services, car rentals, cruise bookings, hotel reservations, and timeshares. Moreover, cardholders also enjoy the option to redeem their accumulated miles through Capital One’s online travel portal or transfer them to the loyalty programs of more than a dozen partner organizations.

Cons Explained

  • $95 Annual Fee: It’s common for travel credit cards to come with an annual fee, and the $95 cost of this card is consistent with the fees charged by competing cards. However, paying an annual fee might not be the best option for consumers who prefer not to monitor its cost compared to the rewards they earn. There are travel cards, like the Capital One VentureOne, that don’t have an annual fee and offer commendable rewards and one-time bonuses, although typically slightly lower than those provided by this card.

  • Poor Cash Back Redemption Rate: The redemption of miles for cash back on this card can vary and may only have a value of 0.5 cents per dollar. This amount is lower when compared to other fee-charging cards, like the Chase Sapphire Preferred card, which provides a value of one cent per point for cash back redemption and 1.25 cents per point for redemption towards travel expenses.

  • Limited Transfer Partners: The collection of transfer partners offered by Capital One does not encompass any U.S. airlines, potentially presenting limitations for a significant number of customers. Nonetheless, there exists a wide array of foreign airlines to choose from.

Ideal Audience for This Card

The Capital One Venture card offers an attractive option for individuals in search of a travel card that is not tied to any specific brand, providing rewards that are both transparent and easily calculable. It provides 2 Miles per dollar on every purchase and an impressive 5 Miles per dollar on hotels and rental cars booked through Capital One Travel.

The Capital One Venture is especially suitable for those who intend to use their rewards primarily for travel-related expenses rather than other types of purchases. Miles can be employed to reimburse or offset travel costs from any source, effectively deducting them from your card balance at a rate of 1 cent per mile. While alternative options, such as converting miles to cash or transferring them to different programs, are available for redeeming the card’s miles, they may not offer the same level of benefit as some other cards.

Capital One Venture Card One-Time Offer

Obtain a sole bonus of 75,000 miles upon completing purchases amounting to $4,000 during the first three months following the commencement of your account, corresponding to a travel value of $750. Upon satisfying the requirements, Capital One will credit the bonus to your rewards balance within two billing cycles.

Naturally, the valuation of miles or points, as well as the most suitable redemption choices, can diverge based on the card. With regards to this particular Capital One card, miles redeemed for travel maintain a consistent value of 1 cent per dollar.

Capital One Venture Rewards Card Review

All About Rewards Credit Cards

Rewards Earning Details

This card accumulates 2 miles for every dollar spent on all purchases, every day, and additionally earns 5 miles for hotels and rental cars reserved through Capital One Travel.
The rewards bestowed upon you never have an expiration date; they persist in your account for the entire duration of its existence.

Rewards Redemption Details

The miles you gather can be used for redemption towards travel, cash, gift cards, or an account credit. These redemptions materialize as a statement credit added to the rewards balance in your account.

Capital One offers multiple channels for exchanging miles, particularly for travel.

The first alternative enables you to make travel-related transactions using your Capital One card as needed and then employ the value of your accumulated points to reduce the cost. To redeem miles, visit online or get in touch with the issuer’s reward center via telephone.

You possess the choice to employ your miles directly for reservations made via the Capital One Travel Center. This offers the flexibility to pay for your transactions using solely miles or, if deemed essential or more suitable, a combination of miles and cash.

Lastly, you can opt to transfer the miles you’ve gathered to the loyalty program linked with one or several travel partners in collaboration with Capital One.

Transferring Points

Capital One offers the choice to transfer points to multiple travel partners. It’s worth emphasizing that all these partners are international airlines, with no U.S. airline partner being part of the options. Among the existing partners, you’ll find names such as Aeromexico, Air Canada, Air France, Avianca, Emirates, Etihad Airways, EVA Air, Finnair, Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Turkish Airlines, and several others

The exact value of the miles for transfer is subject to change.

How to Maximize Your Rewards

To enhance your rewards with this card, the best approach is to use it for a significant portion of your daily expenses. Furthermore, it’s recommended to keep a close watch on and take full advantage of any time-sensitive programs that offer higher rewards rates.

Considering the substantial advantage, it’s important to capitalize on the opportunity to earn 75,000 bonus miles by spending a minimum of $4,000 on purchases within the first three months after opening your account, which translates to a travel value of $750.

Finally, exercise prudence when deciding how to utilize your miles. Converting them into cash will yield a value of just $0.005 per mile. In addition, numerous transfers to airline loyalty accounts could yield less than one mile for each Capital One mile transferred. While this approach may not be as financially rewarding as transfers, it can certainly be a more straightforward choice to employ your miles for mitigating diverse travel expenses, encompassing everything from airfare and accommodations to bus and taxi fares, all while maintaining a reasonable value.

Average Case

For an average household, the Capital One Venture card has the potential to generate hundreds of dollars in annual rewards specifically for travel expenses. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

Imagine a situation where the card is used to cover almost all daily expenses of a household, including categories like food, gas, clothing, and entertainment. If you’re representing an average family, your spending across these categories would surpass $15,750 annually, according to the 2021 data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. To break it down further, this includes around $8,289 for food, $1,754 for clothing, $2,148 for gas, and $3,568 for entertainment. With a total expenditure of $15,759, you would accumulate a total of 31,518 miles on the card, which translates to a travel value of approximately $315.18 when redeemed.

Assuming that this was the family’s first year with the card, they could have effortlessly gained 75,000 bonus miles by spending $4,000 within the initial three months of card ownership, coupled with a few supplementary purchases in different categories, in addition to the mentioned spending.

In the inaugural year alone, this accumulates to a minimum total value of $1065.18. Furthermore, this computation doesn’t even factor in the two miles per dollar rewards they would amass throughout a year if they also utilized the Capital One Venture card for expenditures beyond those associated with food, transportation, clothing, hotels, and entertainment. Although deducting the $95 annual fee reduces the overall return, it’s still balanced out by the benefits it provides each year within this specific scenario.

Aspirational Case

Households characterized by above-average spending patterns and individuals who frequently travel could potentially amass more than a thousand dollars in rewards annually through this card, even after accounting for its $95 annual fee.

To elaborate, consider a scenario where a family spends $4,000 per month across categories such as food, gas, clothing, and entertainment—twice the average expenditure. Additionally, they undertake two $2,000 trips each year, allocating $1,000 for accommodations and an additional $1,000 for miscellaneous travel expenses. By channeling all of these expenditures through the Capital One Venture Card, they could accumulate a total of 104,000 miles per year.

When utilized for travel, these points correspond to a value of $1,040. Assuming this represents the first year of the family’s membership with the card, they would quickly surpass the $4,000 spending threshold necessary to acquire the 75,000 bonus points, within weeks of receiving the card. This additional value totals an extra $750, exclusive to the initial year.

Even after this initial 12-month period, the family could consistently derive approximately $945 in value each year, accounting for the $95 annual fee. Moreover, this total doesn’t encompass additional card expenditures outside of categories like dining, fuel, clothing, and entertainment, which qualify for a 2-point reward per dollar spent. Nor does it encompass the supplementary value of benefits available every four years, such as the $100 credit for Global Entry or the $85 credit for TSA Precheck.

Capital One Venture Card’s Outstanding Benefits

  • A statement credit of $100 for Global Entry or a credit of $85 for TSA Precheck

  • Coverage for travel accidents

  • Around-the-clock travel assistance service

  • No charges for foreign transactions

Standard Benefits

  • Extended warranty coverage

  • Protection against fraud and zero liability for fraudulent transactions

  • Entry to culinary, music, and sports events

  • Two complimentary visits annually to Capital One Lounges or over 100 Plaza Premium Lounges through our Partner Lounge Network

Cardholder Experience

In J.D. Power’s 2022 U.S. Credit Card Satisfaction Study, Capital One earned the fifth spot among 11 national card issuers. Their achieved score was 812, slightly below the average of 814.

Customers gain access to a variety of free resources, notably CreditWise, which provides complimentary credit monitoring.

Capital One provides two tools aimed at helping cardholders save money during their shopping experiences. The Capital One Shopping tool scans different merchants to discover the best price prior to online purchases, while Paribus identifies potential savings on prior online transactions and streamlines the process of obtaining refunds.

Cardholders have the choice to log into their account using the company’s website or mobile app to manage bill payments and access information and solutions related to their card.

To receive customer support, assistance is available at 800-227-4825 or through conventional mail. Unlike most card issuers, Capital One does not offer customer service through email or online chat.

Security Features

Capital One offers standard security benefits with the primary goal of ensuring the security of cardholders. This initiative begins with security alerts: if the system detects any suspicious activities on your card, the issuer will promptly send notifications via text, email, or phone—depending on your preference. Furthermore, commonplace advantages encompass zero liability for fraud and the ability to lock your card in situations involving loss, theft, or misplacement. It’s important to note that this card-locking feature is accessible through the mobile app, a functionality not universally provided by all issuers.

In addition to these features, Capital One presents Eno, a tool created to identify duplicate charges, monitor expenses, and automatically issue 24/7 fraud alerts. This tool also offers the convenience of instantly generating virtual numbers for online shopping purposes.

CreditWise maintains a vigilant monitoring of your credit information throughout the dark web and swiftly delivers automated notifications if it identifies your email address or Social Security Number. Additionally, the tool provides you with valuable insights into your credit score and generates alerts whenever there are alterations to your credit report.

Hidden Fees to Watch out For

The Venture Rewards card boasts minimal fees; however, it’s important to be cautious of the $95 annual fee and a potential late fee of up to $40.

How do you apply for Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card?

Applying for the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card is a straightforward procedure conducted online.

During the application, you’ll navigate through a form where you’ll input personal particulars like your Social Security number, income, and employment details. After submitting the form, most applicants typically receive a decision within just 60 seconds.

Final Conclusion

This comprehensive flat-rate travel card stands out due to its generous rewards on all purchases, an impressive one-time promotional offer, and user-friendly redemption alternatives. It’s a dependable choice for individuals seeking a straightforward travel card that offers a seamless user experience.

Although an annual fee is applicable, a moderate annual expenditure of $4,750 is adequate to offset the $95 cost. However, the Venture card might not be the most suitable choice for those intending to transfer points to domestic airline partners, particularly for combining them with existing points in those airline programs.

Obtaining the Capital One Venture card can be a hurdle for individuals lacking a strong credit score, a common characteristic of cards that provide extensive rewards. Nevertheless, if you’re already a Capital One customer or can demonstrate a substantial income, meeting the criteria could be more feasible, even if your credit score is slightly lower.

Capital One categorizes the card’s credit level as “excellent,” without specifying a particular credit score threshold that signifies excellence.

You possess the flexibility to transfer your Capital One Venture miles to a selection of over 15 hotel and airline partners. The roster of airline partners includes Aeromexico, Air Canada, Air France/KLM, Asia Miles, Avianca, British Airways, Emirates, Etihad, EVA Air Infinity, Finnair, Qantas, Singapore Airlines, TAP Air Portugal, Turkish Airlines, and Virgin Red. Meanwhile, the hotel partners consist of Accor and Choice.

The rewards points accrued through Capital One Venture do not have an expiration date. They remain accessible as long as your account is active. However, in the event of account closure, any unredeemed points will be forfeited.

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