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Capital One has launched many credit card products, In this Article we will discuss Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card Review,  How to Apply for Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card? Pros & Cons of Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card? Benefits of Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card? Is Capital One VentureOne Rewards Card a Good Credit Card?and so on

The Capital One VentureOne Rewards card is a simple travel card that offers accessible rewards, flexible redemption options, and no annual fee. It grants 5X miles on bookings for hotels and rental cars through Capital One Travel, where you can access Capital One’s best rates for various travel options. Additionally, this card provides a noteworthy one-time offer of 20,000 miles.

Annual Fees


Regular APR

19.99% – 29.99% variable

Intro Purchase APR

0% for 15 Months

Foreign Transaction Fee (%)


Reward Earning Rate

Collect 1.25 Miles for every dollar expended on your everyday purchases. Acquire 5 Miles for each dollar spent on reservations for hotels and rental cars through Capital One Travel. Obtain 1.25 miles per dollar on all your purchases, each day.

Balance Transfer Fee

A fee of 3% will be imposed on each balance transfer amount that is recorded on your account during the initial 15 months from the account opening, or at any other time when a promotional APR is offered to you.

Credit Required

Good to Excellent (670 to 850)

Current Offer

Get a bonus of 20,000 miles upon spending $500 on purchases during the initial 3 months from the account opening. This bonus is equal to a $200 value in travel.

Pros of Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card

  • Unlimited rewards on every purchase

  • Flexible redemption options

  • Decent one-time offer

  • No annual fee

Cons of Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card

  • Mediocre rewards rate on everyday purchases

Pros Explained

    • Unlimited rewards on every purchase: Gain 1.25 Miles for every dollar expended on all transactions, each day. Moreover, acquire 5 Miles for every dollar invested in reservations for hotels and rental cars through Capital One Travel. Accumulate 1.25 miles per dollar on all purchases, on a daily basis.

    • Decent one-time offer: New cardholders have the opportunity to receive a bonus of 20,000 miles, which holds a value of $200 when applied towards travel expenses, after making purchases totaling $500 within the first three months of activating their account.

    • Flexible redemption options: Cardholders possess the versatility to organize travel based on their preferences through the utilization of Capital One’s redemption tools. The process involves booking travel through the preferred channel and subsequently using miles to receive a statement credit for the purchase within 90 days. Alternatively, cardholders also have the option to employ their accumulated miles through Capital One’s travel portal or transfer them to suitable travel partners.

  • No annual fee: There is no annual fee associated with this card. On the other hand, its counterpart, the Capital One Venture card, carries an annual fee of $95.

  • No commitment to specific brands or types of travel: This card doesn’t restrict cardholders to a specific brand or travel category. The miles you collect offer flexibility and can be applied to a range of travel needs, including accommodations, flights, and car rentals.

Cons Explained

    • Mediocre rewards rate on every purchase: This card provides a conservative rate of 1.25 points per dollar for expenses apart from hotel and car reservations through Capital One Travel. In contrast, similar cards present a more elevated rate of 1.5 points per dollar.

Ideal Audience for This Card

The VentureOne card is a fitting choice for occasional travelers in search of a travel card that doesn’t carry an annual fee and boasts a straightforward rewards system. With every purchase, you accumulate earnings, alleviating concerns about rotating bonus categories or expenditure limits. The accrued miles offer versatility, redeemable for travel, cash back, gift cards, account credit, and even for transactions on Amazon and PayPal.

Furthermore, this card is well-suited for individuals who engage in international travel. It avoids foreign transaction fees and enjoys widespread acceptance due to its association with Mastercard.

Capital One VentureOne Rewards One-Time Offer

Individuals who spend a combined total of $500 within the first three months of activating their account will accrue 20,000 reward miles. Upon meeting the eligibility requirements for this reward, Capital One will credit the bonus to your rewards balance within two billing cycles.

When redeemed for travel, this bonus translates to a monetary value of $200. This offers a noteworthy incentive for a reasonably moderate expense, resulting in a 40% return on the initial spending made with the card. It’s important to note that this calculation doesn’t account for the continuous rewards you could accumulate throughout the year.

Naturally, the value of miles varies contingent on how and where they are redeemed. Under the terms of this card, miles possess a value of 1 cent each when employed for travel or changed into cash back, as validated by Investopedia’s points evaluation analysis.

While the bonus provided by this card is adequate, it falls short of being the most outstanding available. For example, the Discover it Miles card matches the entirety of the miles earned by the conclusion of your initial year.

Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card Review

All About Rewards Credit Cards

Rewards Earning Details

Earn 5X miles for bookings of hotels and rental cars through Capital One Travel, granting you access to Capital One’s most competitive prices across a diverse array of travel options. Additionally, you will accumulate 1.25 miles for each dollar spent on all other transactions. The miles granted as rewards by Capital One remain valid indefinitely, as long as your account remains active.

Rewards Redemption Details

Capital One offers remarkably versatile options for redeeming rewards. You have the flexibility to convert miles into travel, cash back, gift cards, account credit, or even use them during checkouts on platforms like Amazon and PayPal. It’s important to emphasize that the maximum value is achieved by redeeming miles for travel, where each mile is equivalent to 1 cent. Conversely, when redeemed for gift cards, the value obtained per mile falls below 1 cent.

For travel redemptions, you can utilize the issuer’s travel portal or alternatively employ the Capital One system to book travel based on your preferences and then redeem miles at a later time. Furthermore, you have the choice to transfer miles to travel partners.

Transferring Points

In many Intances, cardholders possess the opportunity to transfer their accumulated miles to one of Capital One’s travel partners. Typically, this transfer is conducted at a ratio of 1 Capital One mile to 1 partner mile, or for hotel partners, 1 partner point. However, there are instances where this ratio can drop to as low as 1 Capital One mile to 0.50 partner miles or points. It’s worth noting that this transfer rate is appreciably lower than the value of 1 cent per mile achieved through booking travel via Capital One’s travel portal or exchanging points for post-purchase transactions. Nonetheless, this option still presents substantial benefits compared to converting miles into cash back, which yields only half a cent of value.

Opting to transfer miles to partners is widely regarded as the most advantageous redemption choice, with their value commonly ranging around 1.09 cents. This is evident in cases like JetBlue transfers, where we value JetBlue miles at 1.42 cents each and execute transfers at a rate of 1 Capital One mile to 0.75 JetBlue miles.

The current list of travel partners includes Accor Live Limitless, Aeromexico, Aeroplan, Air France KLM, Asia Miles, Avianca LifeMiles, British Airways, Choice Hotels, Emirates Skywards, Etihad Airways, EVA Air, Finnair, Qantas, Singapore Airlines, TAP Air Portugal, Turkish Airlines, and Virgin Red.

How to Maximize Your Rewards

Using this card for hotel and rental car reservations through Capital One Travel can be advantageous. Furthermore, it offers the benefit of avoiding foreign transaction fees when using the card for international travel.

Average Case

Families or individuals who make use of this card for vacation purposes can maximize the advantages of this substantial spending category. For example, let’s consider a significant summer vacation with a total cost of $3,000, covering expenses such as airfare, accommodations, and dining.

By using this card to cover the vacation expenses, you would accumulate 3,750 miles, which translates to a value of $37.50 when redeemed for travel. This calculation does not even include the 20,000 bonus miles you would earn after spending $500 within the first three months of opening your account.

Now, let’s assume that our family or individual also spends an average of $2,000 per month on everyday purchases using the card. This would contribute the majority of the earnings, totaling 30,000 miles. When combined, these 33,750 miles would hold a value of $337.50 when redeemed for travel.

Aspirational Case

Frequent travelers with routine expenditures can reap enhanced benefits from this card. For example, those who frequently journey and allocate $2,000 monthly for travel expenses, alongside $3,000 for everyday costs, could accumulate 6,250 Capital One miles every month. Over the span of a year, these amassed miles would sum up to 75,000, translating to a value of $750 upon travel redemption. It’s important to note that this calculation should also factor in the supplementary 20,000-mile bonus offer in this particular scenario.

Capital One VentureOne Credit Card’s Outstanding Benefits

  • No foreign transaction fees

  • 24/7 travel assistance

  • Travel accident insurance

  • Eno, a smart Capital One assistant, which monitors your transactions for potential errors, unexpected charges, and changes in recurring bills.

Standard Benefits

  • Expanded Warranty Coverage

  • Make the most of the benefits of Capital One Shopping and Price Protection functionalities to amplify your savings when shopping online.

  • Protection against fraudulent activities and complete exemption from liability for any unauthorized transactions.

  • Enjoy a diverse array of events such as sports, music, and culinary experiences.

  • Receive free monitoring services for both the dark web and your Social Security numbers, all through CreditWise.

Cardholder Experience

In the J.D. Power 2021 U.S. Credit Card Satisfaction Study, Capital One achieved the third position, exceeding the average score by six points. Nonetheless, in the subsequent 2022 U.S. Credit Card Satisfaction Study, there was a reduction in Capital One’s overall customer satisfaction, with a drop of two points below the average.

Three separate tools play a role in enriching the customer experience for cardholders:

    • CreditWise: Offers free access to your credit score and includes monitoring services for both the dark web and your Social Security number.

    • Capital One Shopping: Automatically discovers the most advantageous price for your online purchases before you finalize them.

    • Price Protection: Automatically detects potential savings on previous online transactions and manages refunds accordingly.

The company’s mobile app empowers customers to pay bills, track expenses via instant purchase notifications, safeguard their card, redeem rewards, and accomplish various tasks. Additionally, patrons can conveniently access the secure website as per their preference.

For any queries, the customer service department can be reached at 800-227-4825.

Security Features

CreditWise and Eno are two key security features offered by Capital One.

CreditWise promptly issues alerts if your email address or Social Security number is detected on the dark web. It also provides information about your credit, such as your credit score and any changes to your credit report.

Eno diligently monitors your account for situations like duplicate charges or increasing recurring bills, and it notifies you of any changes. Additionally, it automatically generates virtual numbers for online transactions.

Moreover, cardholders have the advantage of zero fraud liability and the flexibility to lock their card whenever they prefer, whether through the mobile app, website, or by phone.

How do you apply for Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card?

Applying for the Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card is a straightforward procedure conducted online.

During the application, you’ll navigate through a form where you’ll input personal particulars like your Social Security number, income, and employment details. After submitting the form, most applicants typically receive a decision within just 60 seconds.

Final Conclusion

The Capital One VentureOne rewards credit card offers a remarkably user-friendly rewards structure and provides significant flexibility in terms of redemption options. However, its flat-rate rewards might not be as competitive when compared to those of other credit cards. Even though the 5X miles earned on hotel and rental car bookings through Capital One Travel is a generous perk, the card only provides 1.25 miles for every dollar spent on all other purchases.

This card is particularly suitable for individuals who travel occasionally and are new to the realm of travel rewards credit cards. If you’re intrigued by the idea of earning travel rewards for your expenditures but are not fully committed to a card exclusively focused on earning miles, the Capital One VentureOne rewards credit card deserves serious consideration. One notable advantage is the added flexibility it offers, enabling you to redeem your miles for other rewards like cash back and gift cards. Nevertheless, if you’re a frequent traveler aiming to amass the maximum number of miles, there are alternative options in the market that can yield more substantial rewards.

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